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Zimmerman: A trial by lawyers, not by law.

July 13, 2013

We say in Europe, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” because the Trojan Horse lead to the death of innocent people. I say in America, “Beware of the English bearing justice,” because  the “Jury trial by your peers,” lead to innocent men being locked up and guilty men set free. Daniel Kahneman the Nobel laureate concluded in a study that sometimes your lunch break determine whether you set a guilty man free of give him additional years in jail.” The Zimmerman trial is a farce from start to end, worse than even what the English intended. They said, “The job of a jury is to deal with facts.” In the Zimmerman case the job of the jury was to discount the 80% emotional testimony from the 20% fact. The British said, “A jury of your peers,” and the American agreed. But, never follow. Are six women the peers of the man Zimmerman? How do 5 women with children represent the defendant? The English said, “A simple jury should understand the laws of their country enough to follow proceedings.” In 2013? Are you kidding me. I watched the trial, even the lawyers didn’t understand the laws involved. That is why they vacillated and argued a lot, and brought up things in the last-minute. A fishing expedition. It was political, not legal. This trial was not about finding the truth. It was about winning a case at all costs, even at the chance of losing your self-respect bringing up “child abuse.”  This was trial by lawyers, not trial by law.

A much better system of justice would have to wait for the American day of enlightenment in the year 2100.  It would be a trial by 12  trained certified jurors from different backgrounds, selected randomly from a pool, who can follow the complexity of a modern justice system, who will not tolerate a farce in the court room by anyone creating a frivolous jury trial. These 6 women must have felt like kids in a show by the theatric of the prosecution lawyer, my God, what a joke at tax payers expense.