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The psychological reason Obama appease Iran and rebuff Saudi Arabia.

May 13, 2016

“From the outset of his presidency, Obama’s aim was to get close to Shia Iran while ending the US’s closeness with Saudi Arabia.” He was a black community organizer in Chicago who got catapulted to the presidency of the United States.

His father was a Sunni Kenyan who left Obama’s mom when Obama was a child and then left Earth in a car accident when Obama was only 20. Two bad experiences. His mom remarried a Sunni man who wasn’t a good loving step father to Obama as a teenager after his natural father left. Later on, growing up and getting married in a church run by a America hating preecher wasn’t helpful, and remembering the 19 Sunnis who killed 3000 Americans in 911 wasn’t endearing either.

As president Obama’s personality became more anti Sunni than anti Shia, after all Shia Iran only kidnapped 400 Americans and eventually released them. Let’s hope that our next president will be a little more balanced!


September 16, 2015

The only reason I copied today’s news headline to my blog is because president Obama had just signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, almost word by word to the nuclear agreement president Clinton signed with North Korea during his administration. North Korea broke the agreement and developed the bomb (Clinton said, “I’m sorry.”) and Iran will break the agreement and Obama will say “I’m sorry” when he is out of office! Polls show that president Obama and President Clinton are still very popular with the American people (unless the bomb drops on New York). My conclusion is that either the American voters are too nice that they have forgiven these 2 idiots in the Oval Office, or suicidal or stupid. Candidate Trump think they are stupid and I say they are “trustingly suicidal.” These so-called leaders are no different in their insight about other people than a naive attractive woman who chooses an angry boyfriend type who will kill her 2 years later for whatever unjustified reason. She and our 2 stupid presidents (who never took a Psychology 101 class in college) believe that bad people tend to change if you are good to them (the opposite is true!).

Voters, you have an opportunity to make Iran and North Korea our fearful friends and not our angry enemies of the United States. Elect Donald Trump as your next President despite his abrasive behavior. The world needs to be afraid of an US president in order to behave nice toward the USA! You need to change as a voter. The US needs Donald Trump for president. His tough personality fits our threatening times with Iran and North Korea. I see these 2 rough states as kids that need discipline and only Donald can do it well, not Florina, the failed CEO of HP! Time to kick ass, folks, as DT wrote in his book 10 years ago about leadership and success! All the other western leaders will inadvertently bring a nuclear bomb to the statue of liberty or to their own homes because they don’t understand human nature! Human behavior is basically motivated by 2 emotions, fear and anger. If your opponent in business or on the battlefield or in the bedroom or board room or in the street or anywhere is more fearful than angry your will get the best of him or her and if your opponent is more angry than fearful you’ll get the worse of him! Now, with this profound and simple elegant advice – go for the good life, your new behavior has earned you the right to be nice to those who fear you! DT is a very smart dude!

Would congress reject the Obama-Iran nuclear agreement?

July 24, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I was laughing my head off. It was a sunny and peaceful day at the marina, the seagulls frolicking trying to “steal” frozen fish that children have bought and were feeding to the wild seals that have adopted the human habitat around the boats. The serenity of the place engulfed me with a feeling that maybe the world was not on the brink of a war between the US and/or Israel with Iran over a North Korean “ghost” bomb. Three friends were sitting sipping tea discussing the nuclear agreement, one, a professor of law, another one, a community organizer (better than Barack) and the third, myself (a retired psychologist eager to practice something). Is the world inching toward a global war at the coffee shop overlooking the yachts at the marina.

“Let me tell you guys that the Republican Congress will definitely defeat the Obama nuclear agreement with Iran,” They looked at me instantly (wasn’t it obvious, now I know why burly blond presidential candidate DT gets so much attention with his statements).

“…but the republicans will not be able to defeat a Obama veto!”  That was not obvious, and, this time my reputation at the coffee shop was on the line, but I know that my friends would forgive me for my math. if not my psy. if I am wrong. As for myself, if after a a text-book analysis of the power and influence of the UN, EU, Democrats, political dynamics, momentum and the love of Obama by the masses didn’t pull off a narrow win for the president, then I would quit analysing political behavior and go back to doing marriage counseling.

You, my readers, do your own analysis, take a position on the Obama/Ayatollah deal, do it like it is not a gamble, the smart ones win!

I can’t help it, here is another one, Donald Trump sucks up to the stupid system (SSS) and stir up the “nest” of the stupid beehive in Congress but I don’t thing a sting from the street could project DT toward the WH. I am not laughing anymore. Now its your turn. Pass this one on. I think it’s funny.

Caroline Glick: The nuclear agreement between Obama and Iran may cause war!

April 4, 2015

She writes, “Americans apparently believe they are immune from the consequences of their leaders’ policies. This is not the case for Israel or for our neighbors. We lack the luxury of ignoring the fact that Obama’s disastrous diplomacy has brought war upon us. Deal or no deal, we are again about to be forced to pay a price to maintain our freedom.” (Caroline Glick).

If it wasn’t for the veracity of her prediction I wouldn’t post my analysis today. I want my readers to calm down, it isn’t going to be a third world war. It may be the shortest significant historical mini-war ever.  Sure, let’s pray for peace, but almost any experienced political psychologist could point out that Israel may be tempted 100% to attack Iran nuclear facilities the day a Republican gets elected president of the United States. Mark on your calendar the “Ideas of March” and the holiday of Purim as the symbol trigger of that attack. Blame small cog Obama for the war but it wouldn’t really be him, it’s Iran’s Martyrdom urge. Iran wants Israel to attack her (to bring in the Mahdi). Iran is a weak populous country that thinks she is strong. It hates Israel so much (for what the Jews did to Haman, it’s absurd but true) that it can’t but underestimate the military power of Israel. Iran’s oilfields are vulnerable. Also, Iran doesn’t understand the Jewish happy trigger preoccupation with “never again.”  Let me give you a clue so you can ask me later, How did you know?”  PM Chamberlain is a brother of BH Obama, they both overestimated the strength of their crazy opponents!

Seriously, how would the nuclear agreement between Obama and Iran in 2015 cause war in 2017? Very predictably based on 2 conditions 1) Iran will be caught cheating (probability 95%), crossing the Israeli red line in 2017 (100%), and 2) A right-wing coalition under Netanyahu in Jerusalem (100%) and a right-wing Republican president, vice president and chairman of the senate’s foreign relations committee (80%) (the Latino Trio) in Washington, and 3) 2017 will be 100 years since the Balfour declaration (I am not superstitious, but my specialty is Numerology).

Let us all pray for peace but my psychological analysis (75% probability) is that Caroline Glick is right. There is no birth of a peaceful world order without pain.

Iran: Classical Politics vs. Behavioral Politics

March 16, 2012

Having spoken about classical economics vs behavioral economics at UCLA last year, I will venture today to be the first social scientist to knowingly introduce classical politics vs behavioral politics on my peaceful revolution blog. It is hilarious that David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister introduced behavioral politics on CNN yesterday without knowing that his statement on Iran was behavioral politics and not classical politics. He said, “They can have civil nuclear power if they give up their mission of having military nuclear power.”  That is a behavioral politics statement by a statesman. Here is the same thought expressed by the majority of classical politicians – your elected people who don’t understand human relations, “Iran has the right to have nuclear power like any other nation.”

I do not think that David Cameron’s statement will be discussed by the classical political panel of CNN. They are all classical commentators, none of them is behavioral. But if by miracle they did peace may still prevail in the world. Watch them and see if they discuss the derivative behavioral issue: Do scientists know 100% the LINE not to cross between activity that would lead to nuclear military power and peaceful nuclear activity that could be used to generate electricity and in medicine? If the answer is yes, then the only question remains is, “will the international nuclear watchdog commission get 100% access to all  Iran nuclear facilities? If the answer is yes peace will prevail. If the answer is no, war will prevail. Take your pick.

I have crystalized for you an issue that will affect your life in the future (not just gasoline price). If you are a classical thinker you probably won’t get what I am saying. Time to switch to BEHAVIOR in every thing that you do or think about. If I get positive responses from you about this important posting, I will give you more example in your relationships between being a classical loser and a behavioral winner, e.g., “You are not listening to me, dear,” or “Please comment on what I said, honey, I respect your view.” guess which statement is classical and which one is behavioral. Please visit my blog again if you know the difference!