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Why Bernie? What’s wrong? How it’s going to end? It’s a serious tragi-comedy!

January 27, 2016

Bernie S. is a socialist from Vermont, close enough to Canada to be afflicted by the Trudeau virus of fraternity, we all know that, so vat?  If BS had run for prez during the McCarthy era Hoover would have gotten him on charges of trying to destroy the capitalist economy of the United States by playing Robin Hood – taking from the rich and giving it to the poor. Don’t get me wrong, Bernie is a nice guy but an idiot who lives in a Marxist past that collapsed long time ago, but so vat? He can have his honeymoon and eat it too in the forever exalted by the lazy left, the Soviet Union, the panacea to all things capitalist evil, again so vat? The only serious reason you should listen to this stupid post of mine is… it brings up to the forefront of the political discussion the question: Millions of young people are voting for Sanders for prez, what is wrong with our educational system? Why so many young people want a hand out from government instead of working hard for their American Dream?

The answer of course is Obama’s assault on the essence of Americanism, the loss of “rugged individualism” by his succession of executive orders, the replacement of America’s old virtues that built the greatest country on earth with valueless Obamism, a cowardly new world of multicultural organized system of paternalism that attract lazy misfits who really hate the American dream because they don’t want to work hard. (the age of eentitlements is probably borrowed from Trudeau’s Canada).

It’s simple: Do you like Bernie,  put Hillary in the WH who will place ex-president Obama dude on the Supreme Court and administer the coup De grad to the “American dream” in favor of a dysfunctional “world village.” Oh, my God!

Please share this important posting with others who care, let’s cure America of its budding Marxist disease!