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Ukraine: The human mind.

April 19, 2014

They are cousins but they can’t live together in peace, some of them are brothers and they fight, some of them are Europeans highly educated, unlike fighters in Syria, and they still fight each other. After 42 years as a psychologist (Professor of Psychology, Rio Hondo College, 1972) I think it’s time for me to tell you about the human mind. It isn’t what you think it is:

Some people believe the human mind is God, deciding who lives and who dies. Some are even more wrong than that, inflicted by their Freudian ego, thinking their mind is them, themselves, as if they were born with it! But, worse of all, some people, even the educated, believe that all their decisions are made in their minds, all the risks they take in life are mind born, even their free-will is mental, even their spirituality is mental, even their soul resides in their mind. How ridiculous it is that people let their mind decide their reality. Buddha said, “The human mind is the slayer of the truth.” People believe their “stuff” is the truth. His solution was to meditate to quiet your mind to find the truth.” Freud said, “Mind is ego, the mediator between you and reality. Children who are raised to mediate their lives work.” Dr. Gordon Allport said, “The human mind becomes functionally autonomous with growth of neural complexity.” This notion is a similar idea to Hal 9000, the robot telling his creator that he is now the boss. By the way, Allport idea of functional autonomy of the human mind is true when people collapse the distinction between themselves and their mind when they say, “I think….,” instead of, “My mind thinks…..”  Now, let’s find out what the human mind really is (you may not like the truth because your mind won’t let you accept it):

There is no word for “Mind” in the Bible. Mind does not exist in scriptures. What exists is the word Machshava which is Calculator or Computer in English. The mind is actually the Software in your head, all the apps in the brain, which is an evolved super, super, super hardware. Most of the software in the human mind are obsolete or dysfunctional apps, but these apps are being slowly replaced by better ones. I predict that people in the 23rd century will understand this “stuff” by having better apps. I told you won’t like it became your mind won’t accept it, but those of you who accept the truth about the mind it will blows your mind away! Have a good day.