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The clash of civilization

September 21, 2012


if you had a bird’s-eye looking at people right now from  a mile above, what would you see? Ants.  You fly a bit closer and you realize that these ants are aunts and uncles that can talk running around like ants. You land and see that they are males that smash property and eat their territorial enemies. That is what ants do to secure food and holes. That is what humans do to secure culture and religion, not that much different from ants, except that humans have lofty terms to use. The clash of civilization is really a war between two powerful global groups of a billion or two nuts each. Anyone who argues who is right or wrong is an idiot because ultimately it isn’t a bout that, it’s about might, in history it’s always about might, power, military power! In this world might make right no matter what you or CNN wish that right makes might. Talk about freedom of speech is just talk. The world is in the middle of a clash between 100 Islamic cultures and 100 western cultures. And it isn’t difficult to know that only the United States has a sacred almost unlimited freedom of speech guaranteed in the US Constitution. That is the trigger of the war. So, there is a clash between the United States and Muslim groups that take on the American giant, one will win and the other will lose. If Iran gets the bomb it’s a draw, if the US gets really pissed off, even the feeble  western culture will win. Taking sides is ridiculous, as Werner Erhard says, sit relax and observe the biggest clash in human history between two global belief systems that don’t share anything in common except on CNN. I wish humans got along like Rodney King wanted, but they don’t and there is nothing you can do about it. ultimately the issue is not who is right but who is mightier. Human beings have never resolve their differences sitting around a table. If they did there would be no human civilization. War has shaped all human cultures, science and best inventions. War is stupid but so is a toilet seat. So what?, Get it, that is the way nasty things pass through.