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A SIMPLE TEST: Is Trump smart enough to be president?

January 29, 2016

As a psychologist I can tell you that there is one hidden test that can tell if Trump is smart enough to be president. The DNC keeps data on all illegal immigrants who live in each State, ostensibly for purposes of issuing driver licenses, work permits, etc. It’s called consensus. The election commission uses the data of how many people are registered in a State, legal or illegal, to certify how many delegates that state is allocated to the winner in the general election. The illegal aliens cannot vote for president but they can determine the number of voting delegates each State gets. Thus, illegal immigrants can determine who win the presidency in a close election.

If Trump can catch this “official fraud” and go to court to stop having illegal immigrants determine the size of the electoral college, he’d be president. If he lets that DNC fraud go unnoticed, he won’t be president. To get elected you must fight for justice on every level!