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Flint, Michigan: Who is to blame?

January 21, 2016

American education? Teachers are not trained to teach what the people need to know about water, moral behavior, responsibility and law. Citizens elect water management directors, mayors and governors who do not know how to do things. The people identify with incompetent leaders who learned to talk like Obama, real sleek talkers. I’m not just saying things, let’s take a few things and analyse them. What is the difference between blame and responsibility? Most educated people don’t know. CNN mentioned blame, there is no blame here, the water got contaminated because the leaders there were not educated in water management. You can’t blame incompetent people or their voters. They are responsible for the mess because they caused it,  but you can’t blame them because they didn’t know what to do with water.

American psychology? Teachers of psychology are not trained to teach what the people need to know about human behavior. The people who contaminated the water made bad decisions for 10 years and no one told them that bad decisions lead to bad consequences. They watched Obama for 8 years and saw him make bad decisions while his rating as a great president went up. People realized that personal accountability was not important under Bush and Obama, the bankers cheated us and stole our money and no one was fired. Trump wasn’t there to say, “You are fired.” Obama and Bush had a terrible trait of “I forgive you instantly because you are my friend.”  The American leaders during Bush (Bremer) that caused ISIS to appear got promoted and the general under Obama who won the war in Iraq got demoted! Bet you the Michigan governor won’t be fired. I bet you Flint Mayor won’t be fired. I can’t wait for January 20, 2017 when Trump takes over and ACCOUNTABILITY will become a clean word. You infiltrate from the south and you have to go back, you masquerade as a refugee and you have to go back, you kill a policeman and you have to go to jail. And, by the same token, you go to school and work hard and you can get a well paid job! I know your educational experience makes you not like Trump but he will clean your water, dude!