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Is present EU Socialism like past Germany’s National Socialism?

May 18, 2016

“European Council President Donald Tusk said that former London mayor Boris Johnson had “crossed a red line” when he compared the EU to Adolf Hitler in comments made earlier this week.”  As a social psychologist, let me clear up the confusion here. The EU cannot be like the Nazis but it may be on the same coin if you flip it over from “heads” to “Tails.”  Think of it as a perfect circle where the 2 ends almost meet. One end is called the extreme right and the other end is called the extreme left. Take the EU end a notch or two away from the extreme left into the area on the circle that you would call EU Socialism and you would find some commonality with National Socialism in the area of authoritarian behavior!

Translating my analysis to behavior, the angry right attacks you physically while the worried left attacks you mentally. Sure, the difference between the Gulag and the concentration camp is a matter of life or death, but some people may consider the difference between death and brain washing also like the difference between life and death. I will always prefer responsible democracy to Socialism, Communism or Fascism!


Trump’s enemies defend themselves against their own fascism!

March 23, 2016

According to Zigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, psychological projection is a virulent defense mechanism in the hands of politicians on the right and on the left. Let’s look at people on the left who right now call Donald Trump a fascist devil! Why are they so virulent? Because of psychological projection, a powerful motivation to protect sanity! Most leftist politicians and journalists are rigid and hidden authoritarians and love power and righteousness. They would perceive fascistic behavior in themselves as the worse curse. If they realized that they are afflicted by that scourge of the human personality they might commit suicide, Leftists perceive fascism as a terminal disease of humanity. Humans will defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying in themselves the existence of the “disease.” They will instantly attribute the worse form of it to their worse enemies. That would explain why a leftist liberal who behaves like  an Stalinist or  communist authoritarian may constantly accuse a succesful businessman and family man like Trump of being a fascist. Projection is a form of blame shifting.

Trump exhibits many “impurities” but he is not a fascist. Fascists cannot be successful businessmen in a democracy unless they take over the government. Fascists don’t negotiate and make deals. Don’t be fooled by Trump’s strength. God forbids if Bernie Sandberg becomes president you will  see a “soft” fascist, one that pretends to be “only a socialist.” Stalin will be back! Another  example of a “soft” fascist is Obama who wants everything his way. He creates a mess around the world and project the blame on others. Listen, you can fool the people twice but not all the time. Vote for “earthy” Trump. He is really not politically correct and it is time for real change. Don’t worry, be happy. Be good to your pocket-book for a change, especially if you are a minority person. Don’t get fooled again. Your living standard is more important than your skin color, dude. Did you get projection right? Beware of the projectors in life, they are virulent!

Understanding the psychology of North and South KOREA!

January 21, 2011

Mark my words, soon North Korea will attack South Korea – again. How do I know that? The North bombed the South and the South asked for a peace conference! My first reasearch as a graduate student in psychology at the State University of California in 1970 was comparing Authoritarian and Egalitarian attitudes. In politics it would be comparing the governing style by people who usurp powers and the governing style of people who get elected. In business it would be people who work with you to accomplish a task or people who order you around. At home it would be a parent who shows you how to do a chore and a parent who force you to do it. Good, I got your attention! This posting isn’t only about South Korea and North Korea fighting each other, it’s about world peace! And, it’s about you and me! First, I want you to understand the dynamics of the conflict between a DEMOCRACY and a DICTATORSHIP, and second, I want you to understand the dynamics of the conflict between you as a free person and individuals you relate to who grew up in authoritarian homes, religions and cultures.

The reason I am successful in relationships is that my mother was a democratic type and my father was dictatorial. I learned early in life (in my teens) to work and play nice together with others in school, as my mother had taught me. My father, on the other hand, said, “Elior, don’t forget to think big and kick ass when someone steps on your toes.”

The problem with democracies like South Korea is that they didn’t “kick ass” when the North sank their ship and bombed their island. The problem with democracies like the United States is that they didn’t bomb Iran when Iran kidnapped 444 American diplomats. The problem with democracies is that they lose the motivation to “kick ass” when dictatorships attack them. Sure, they end fighting them and winning when they get sick and tired of being kicked around but at a greater cost because they had waited till the last moment to “kick ass.” A teacher is high school once asked me, “Elior, why did you break George’s  arm, he only tripped you in the playground. “I remember saying to the teacher, “My dad taught me that if I don’t kick back twice as hard for every kick I absorb, they’ll come back for more.” Interestingly, when I became a psychologist I understood it in a nicer way as “Contingency management of conflict resolution.”

In the 20th century, the Right was dictatorial and the Left was democratic. In the 21st century it’s the opposite, the Right is democratic and the Left is dictatorial. Capitalism is economic freedom, Socialism is economic control, Republicans  are for less political control over your life and Democrats are for more, Christians are for free behavior in relationships and Islamists are for total control of women,  Israel is a free society and Palestine is a controlled society, South Korea makes excellent LG (Life’s Good) appliances for the home and North Korea develops weapons to destroy homes. in short, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who relate openly and those who coerce, people who believe in the relative rights of the individual and those who believe in the absolute rights of the group over the individual!

Now you know what to do! If you are the open-minded, flexible democratic personality type, treat the dictatorial, rigid, authoritarian person you meet with RESPECT until he kicks your ass – and he will! Then, beat the shit out of him. He will become your friend and change for the better – guaranteed, if you do it right! (read the book by Dr. Robert Lindner “The 50 Minute Hour”). About your democratic government, you must influence YOUR democratic government to be more effective in dealing with dictatorship governments. At the present time all the dictatorships in the world are in conflict with the world’s democracies whether it is in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, or Pakistan. Make the world better, faster – by kicking ass as a response to kicking ass! Donald Trump is my hero, although he didn’t take conditioning as far as I did! Have great relationships! Read my 200 postings! It’s free! I care!