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Trump vs. Jesus: Any similarities?

January 26, 2016

As a parapsychologist and a college professor let me describe for you a few facts called the truth that is impossible to accept unless you are inspired by higher consciousness, so brace yourself, this posting today is a scary flight that intellectually is difficult to accept – but it’s true. Yes, you know what Schopenhauer, one of the greatest philosophers in history said about the truth: You laugh your head off when you hear it, than you reject it, again and again, and finally you accept it and see your life take off beautifully. Here it is:  Trump has a beautiful Jewish Christian family, Jesus had a beautiful Jewish Christian family too. He married Miriam from Migdal, a town a mile from the Kinneret lake in Israel. They had a beautiful 5-year-old son named Itzhak who watched his father’s crucifixion, who died in the year 80 AD at age 52 (His bones were found in a Usury in Talpiot, Jerusalem) nine years after Vesuvius erupted near Pompei and all the Roman officers who lived there were burned by ash (they were the officers who destroyed the Jewish Temple in 71 AD) (see Google).

Jesus name was Yehoshua Ben Yosef and he was a hated rebel leader from the Galil who tried to depose the corrupted priests in Jerusalem who were destroying the future of their country.  Jesus behaved in locally unacceptable ways violating accepted mores and norms and the “establishment” ganged on him and crucified him. Trump is a rebel leader from New York trying to replace the corrupted leaders of the American “establishment” who are ganging on him ( they will soon get vicious like the people at the time of Jesus got vicious and they will demand the “crucifixion” of Trump as a destroyer of the status quo. The people who killed Jesus were not evil, they believed delusional thoughts about him being the “king of the Jews”. The people who want Trump to disappear are not evil either, they believe delusional things about him being an incompetent comedian jerk. If Jesus won in 33 AD the world would not have gone through hell for the last 2000 years. If Trump wins in 2016 the world would not have to go through hell the rest of this century. Think of it!

According to psychology man is indispensable, it you don’t believe it vote for Hillary and continue to pretend that hope for a better life is just around the corner. If you are a luck fellow who follow special people, for example, you invest your money in companies run by special CEO’s (Besos, Jobs, etc), you are married to a special lady (no pretence), etc. then vote for Trump and make American great again, it’s doable with Trump!!!!

Don’t be a fool!