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Your education: China versus Google!

March 26, 2010

Whether you want to face it or not, in the short run China will win against Google because China intend on building a stable society and doesn’t need disruption, but in the long run google will return because freedom is marching on all over the world. The internet is changing the world as we know it. Knowledge and fun become more important to people than politics when a country is stable and people have decent jobs.

We are destined for a lot of pain and destruction in the process of birth of a new order. Google’s Page and Brim do not understand that China must limit Western freedom and influence for now. A complete freedom to disseminate Western information in China, will undermine the building of a prosperous and peaceful Chinese civilization. There will be enough disruptive elements entering Chinese minds that will sap the energy of the Chinese people away from economic development into political discourse vows worse than the health care debate violence in the US Congress, with its peaceful traditions going back 200 years!. On the other hand, without Google later on China will be behind in advancing ‘good’ knowledge, democracy and freedom of choice.

My suggestion to both  China and Google is to compromise, get together and decide on what should be censured for 10 years and what should not. I know Google refuses to do that because Brim and Page do not have empathy for China’s dilemma, only for Google’s. You can’t have a billion people each picking up from Google “filth” they like,  starting to do their own thing. OK, Chinese society will not collapse but China’s progress will slow down. Google, with all its brilliance, has not adjusted to each country’s situation as it moves in to disseminate knowledge. The only areas where Google should not give in is in the areas of human rights.

Human Rights in the developing world is different from human rights in the developed world. What should be human rights in a changing society like China? The right to be free of gender discrimination, not the right to meddle in transsexual identity problems. The right to be free of racial discrimination, not the right to know about racial aspirations, ethnic separation, and demographic political freedoms. The right to be free of “filth,” not the “right” to have to handle in Chinese homes via Google all the filth that is also on the internet. China does not need internet violence, pornography, animal and human cruelty, child abuse, ridicule and satire of political leaders, the glorification of crimes, in other words, half the internet should be evoked out of China. Compromise will happen the moment China and Google understand how to separate short-term benefits from long-term solutions.

Please, my readers, time to get sophisticated and serious about understanding the world we live in. Ask yourself, if you were planet Earth, would you be happy to host most of the people you know? You know the answer!