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The app of all apps.

September 30, 2012

Hey Tom, dick and Harry are you guys into apps? You don’t have to be a programmer, educated, smart, all you have to do is watch your kid and think of an app that would sell.  If you are Steven Jobs, you don’t even need to look at your kid or survey consumers, you just know that your apps would sell…anything slick that you can hold in the palm of your had that with the click of a button would produce what appears like magic but it is not magic. Think, dude, there is an app out there for the money if you can think of a cool one that would sell. Two years later: You are rich now! You get the girl with the big chest that you always wanted.  You developed an app for her heart and one for brushing your teeth in the morning cause you still had bad breath. Your inspired girl friend thought of an app rating her social life anew… and one that traced or erased both your loneliness. I checked it all out: there is app for fitness and one for obesity, I found them all, but I couldn’t find even a drop of and app for spirituality, as if this generation of humans are devoid of the highest purpose for living! I am sure you know about it by now?

The other day, Bruce, a friend of mine, said, “You know, Elior, I am getting tired of religion.” I looked at him, sure, humans get tired of religion when sectarian violence replaces the worship of God, but I said nothing to the dude, but I thought about it… a high-tech guy with a PhD in theology who can’t think of spirituality apart from religion, who am I to expect others to do so. But being the eternal optimist, I decided to wed apps (the woman) to spirituality (the man), after all high-tech imagination is endless.

“Bruce, would you be interested in an app that can trace ghosts, lost souls, God, angels, or whatever your call these spirits in your religion?”


His abrupt answer was scary and I had no one else to talk to about apps except you (my readers), so here is a list of possible apps. Please reply and tell me which ones you like and which ones you think have a chance to be nominated as the app of all spiritual apps:

An app to communicate with extra terrestrial?

A séance app?

How would you like an app that reads minds?

A space GPS app to navigate known habitable planets?

How about an app that analyses dreams, develop or trace your free will, expand your consciousness? OK, that one I don’t know about, after all the great Skinner said that human behaviour is deterministic and the profound Freud said that humans can’t dig deep enough to get their consciousness out of the unconscious coffin  it is berried in!