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Behavioral profile: The case of the diapearing 777 plane (final)

April 2, 2014

I walked into my office and set by my computer on the reclining chair and contemplated a thought. I didn’t visualize (thought?) that I was going to post again and again and again and again that a behavioral profiling investigation is the only fastest and most valid way to get to the truth of what happened in the cockpit of the 777. I do it now for the last time because I dream (behavior?) closure for the families of the vanished (behavior?). Unfortunately the public and the people who are handling the information on the vanished plane do not use behavioral profiling. Come to think of it, no one does that I know of, probably not even behavioral psychologists. I am alone, a maverick. The fact that I became wealthy through behavioral economic profiling not withstanding. The fact that I cure two cancers through behavioral health profiling not withstanding. People ignore behaviorism. Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist said fifty years ago, “Many people cannot rise above what their culture allows them to understand and do.” Ladies and gentlemen, it sounds ridiculous and unbelievable to say it but most people in our culture don’t know what constitute a behavior and what does  not constitute a behavior. Are you still with me? I didn’t mean you. I know that you know that feeling love and thinking about someone is not a behavior of a brain cell!

Good, lets apply a behavioral analysis of the disappearing plane:

1) You have voice recording of the two pilots. That is their verbal behavior. Mail the recording to the psychology department of Harvard University to do a complete analysis, you’d be amazed what phonetic analysis can reveal. Also, analyse the past recordings of the voices of the 2 pilots on other flights. What you can find out is their level of maturity, intentionality, pretence, self-confidence, self-doubt, authenticity of voice, cheating attitude, stress, anxiety, feelings and so on

2. Amplify verbal behavior analysis of crew members: Recorded from the moment the crew members entered the doomed plane, yes, do that, it’s cheaper in the long ran than sending 100 ships of 10 nations to search the  ocean. Add noise analysis from non verbal behaviors of the passengers and crew members

3. Amplified verbal and nonverbal behavior (voice and noise) of passengers. Do the same as above.

4. Nonverbal (action, behavior, doing). I hope that you understand now what behavior is and agree that for the next few days all the “junk” no-behavior investigation has to be ignored: all the theories, concepts, got to go because they are not behavior. Assumptions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, attitudes, and so on are dumped in the bin of bullshit. OK, now get all the videos of the two dudes as pilots, students and family members and analyse them for bravado, thrill seeking personality, age immaturity, disorganization behavior, religious fanaticism, drinking habit and  suicidal ideation There is a big difference between the behaviors of someone who will kill himself and someone who won’t kill himself ( without training what to look for in the video, most observers would think that the person who will not kill himself is the one that will kill himself).

5. The point that I want to stress to you is this: Don’t wait for behavioral psychologists to offer volunteer classes to teach free classes on how to analyse your daughter or son’s behavior. They won’t. If you are lucky to have the right attitude about what I am writing today, keep visiting my blogs and send me a note that day you get that famous “wow experience” that means “I got it.” Wow, a new life will open up to you from that moment one. You will join the 10% Rule or the 10% of humanity that got it! I got it 50 years ago from Werner Erhard himself in EST! Have a great life!