The nature of the human mind.

The nature of the human mind is to doubt 9 out of 10 good decisions that you make that would bring good results, “Oh boy, am I surprised but I am pleased.”  The nature of the human mind is to feel certain that your decision was right 9 out of 10 times before your decision brough poor result, “Oh well, I am not surprised, I didn’t think enough about what I was doing, sorry.”

Examples our of millions: If you are Christian and you vote for Trump and he gets in you’d probably say, “Oh boy, I am surprised twice. He is also doing well as president for my church and my business…but I still have doubt about his style of leadership, it’s scary.” If you are a Jew you are certain to vote for Hillary. She gets in and you’d probably say, “Nine times out of ten we Jews make poor political decisions and we suffer the results. I should have voted for Trump regardless of his unspeakable style because as president he said that he would secure Jerusalem for my people, oh well, forget the Passover “Next year in Jerusalem,” my leftist views are more important.

If you are socratic in your mind you reflect, you’d probably make 9 out 10 decisions in your life that work. For you to vote for Trump this time would be easy. Trump earned his money by building sky scrapers, Hillary earned her money by taxing you and “stealing’ your cash legally. I know I am harsh but just think of: The government take your hard-earned money and spend it on projects and entitlements that Hillary and Obama – not you – think are good for you! They play ‘Mama” with your growth and maturity. Do they think you are a child that need help or do they think that you are a person that could use a reasonable loan at low-interest to get started? Caveat Emptor!


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