Who will win the debate on Monday, September 26, 2016?

100 million American will watch the debate between Hillary and Donald, a world record. This is more spectators that will watch Monday night football! Let’s analyse together who will win the debate on purely psychological principles:

At this point Hillary poll is 42% to Donald’s 39%, who will prevail?

Hillary has got to win or else… she lived in the White House for 8 years with her charming dude. She liked the place very much but not the company. She wanted to be as powerful as her husband Bill, but for that she had to get hungry for power. She waited around, first as Senator from New York, then as Secretary of State. Then in 2008 she ran against Obama and lost. This Monday her motivation to win the debate with T is not 100%, it may be 1000% to keep her self-esteem and because she fears that Christie as Attorney General for Trump will send her to jail! She’s got to win or else…

Trump, on the other hand,  if he wins, great, he believes he will make America great, if not he will go and play golf for free in Scotland. His motivation to win at most may be 80%, his perform is not a “do or die” like hers. He has plans to do many things in life, 4 kids, many grandkids at 70, tons of money, private 757 jet, trump has got it made either way…

There is a psychological law that says, “When you want something too badly chances are that you won’t get it.” We have all experience that when the committee said after the interview, “We will let you know.”  The 100 million people who can give Hillary the presidency will look at her behavior on stage tomorrow and if they find that she is too “hungry,” for the WH sandwich, ready to “Kidnap” the presidency like it was food to eat or air to breath for her, they won’t give it to her. They will become too scared to open the candy store for a “sweet tooth” kid with Saudi money. To make them give it to her, I say,  “Hillary, play it cool for your own sake or you won’t get the power….

Trump can win this debate for the simple reason that he (and the blacks he wants to represent) have nothing to lose. He can play it hot in the debate but she can’t afford to be too emotional. It’s funny, Bill’s VP showed that he didn’t care enough to win so he lost to Bush, Hillary tomorrow may show that she care to win too much so she may lose to Trump.

American elections are fun. Enjoy the American experience, the best fight in the world’s arena is coming. The tickets are free, the best seat in the home is yours. Get your partner and the beer and if it’s boring switch channel to football!!!!!!!!!


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One Response to “Who will win the debate on Monday, September 26, 2016?”

  1. THOMAS Says:

    i would lke to go on record saying that i know killary has a real hot temper when she doesn’t get her way, trump doesn’t blow up like that but he does show some emotion. this debate will rest 99% on who maintains a calm demeanor which i know killary can’t.

    she will do her utter more corruptive best to get trump angry so he reacts, and i say to trump, be calm always and act presidential and she will go to pasture, permanently!


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