The Riots must stop at the WH. Nationalism is not a curse word!

Police officers killing black people, black people killing police officers, if you think that Obama didn’t cause some of it by keeping young black people unemployed and uneducated and by inflaming their emotions by his longing “quips” think again, a black president who had dreams of helping poor black but did no action for black people! Can you imagine, the most powerful black leader on earth, if he only cared, he had the opportunity to encourage and give support to young black people to enroll in the 50,000 tuition free community colleges spread all over America issuing 1 year and 2 years certificates in anything from hair stylist to dental assistant to mechanic to paralegal, well-paying occupations, society would have been better off after his 8 years of Obama in the WH. Did his values encouraged killing and rioting inadvertently? You decide. A vote for Hillary’s decision-making skills is a vote to continue this mess for minorities not sharing in the American prosperity. You think that you will face bad 4 years with Trump? No way! Forgive Trump his stupidities, but he is strong and he may do better than she would be for you as a minority American. How about a White House Conference to smooth racial relations with incentives aimed to harmonize human beings and give them good reasons to cooperate? Vote Trump for a new chance.

I was an immigrant. The US gave me everything as an immigrant in 1960. I now live on the beach at 80+ and my heart “bleeds” for a new generation of Americans who behave like kids looking for “mama” trying to get “goodies” from Uncle Sam in exchange for their God given freedom! Yes, you will survive your dependencies, but so what? Wouldn’t it be better to be independent? Grow up, get training, get a decent job, make a family and go picnicking?  You don’t have to be an immigrant to realize that the land of opportunity is still available for all.  Do what Socrates did and gave his life for it. Go to school, dude, you can make it big even in today’s United States. Let the Clinton’s retire.  I am speaking from the heart. This couple has done enough damage to this globalism world with their slogan “It takes (an uneducated backward) village to raise a child.” Enough global slogans, enough, let’s make the American nation great again together.


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