The essence of Shabat!

Last week, Deri told the haredi radio station Radio Kol Hai that the haredi parties “understand we don’t live in a halachic state, we haven’t yet got to Messianic times, and we haven’t reached that ideal situation when everyone in the Jewish people understands the essence of Shabbat.” This quote from the Jerusalem Post today shows how ill-informed Deri is about the difference between the Torah’s Shabbat and the Talmud’s Shabbat.  Go back and read word by word how Moshe’s description of Jewish behavior on the Shabbat in the Torah should be. God created the Shabbat as a day of rest enforced by God and not man and not as a day for zealots to confront and disrupt the life of Israeli commuters. The Shabbat in the Torah is to be loved and not forced upon the people who commute. The Shabbat is a day of rest and joy and not a tool for political confrontation. God said that those who defile the Shabbat will pay the price that He/She decide and not Deri. Be careful in interpreting what defiling the Shabbat means. Go home and rest and leave alone those who want to commute on the Shabbat to watch a soccer game, gulf or work for a living so others can rest on the Shabbat in peace and security. Do not disrupt the economy in the name of God. Do not turn the Shabbat into an autocratic issue. Love your Torah, man!


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