A planet discovered orbiting an Alpha Centauri sun.

The news channels today are reporting the discovery by astrophysicists of a close planet to earth. Check out Google for more information on this planet that orbits its star every 11 days. Then, get a head start for conversation with friends on the information that I give you about the planet that physicists don’t have yet! I studied that star system for 25 years! As a scientist teaching parapsychology in college for 27 years I have accumulated data on the existence of a human habitable Planet b orbiting a medium sun in the Alpha Centauri star system. I am excited to let you have my advance information to compare with future discoveries by the astrophysicists. I hope they can catch up with my data which was obtained by studying para-physics sources. The habitable planet b rotates around its axis every 26 hours (one day of planet b). We do not know how many earth-days it takes planet b to orbit around its sun but we assume it less than our 365 days (possibly, one year of planet b is 300 earth-days). Alpha Centauri star system is about 5.5 light years away from earth. Three astronauts from there have visited our earth about 30,000 years ago.  It may have taken them about them  9 month to get here, mostly traveling within our solar system after a hyperspace jump of the 5.5 light years (sounds crazy, doesn’t it?).  The three aliens landed in an Azor island and according to Edgar Cayce,  mated with female neanderthals living in Abyssinian caves. The Azor islands were a 1000 miles long in the Atlantic ocean distance from the Atlas mountains of Morocco (the mythological Atlas was actually a descendent of Poseidon the alien visitor). This main alien astronaut came from Pisidia the Capitol of planet b. The name of the Neanderthal woman he mated with was Cleito. Her father’s name was Evenor ( this information came from a psychic reading by Edgar Cayce). We humans are a hybrid, our father came from planet b where a day is 26 hours, our mother came from earth, a planet with 24 hours day. We function on a 25 hour day (26+24:2=25). Our circadian motion of 25 hour day is the only one on earth. The data had been verified by scientific experiments.

The information that I am giving you today is unusual, to say the least, so wait untill our scientists catch up with my data. Meantime, you have a head start on them. Are you ready to start a next level conversation?


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