Trump must articulate his position about illegal immigrants.

Let’s talk about facts and reality, not slogans. Illegal immigrants broke the law. If you give them amnesty you are rewarding braking the law. If you reward breaking the law you increase crime and chaos. Obama and Hillary already done this. Trump wants to reverse the trend but he doesn’t know how to articulate it. Here, Donald, listen:

  1. People who break the law must serve time, pay a fine or make it up to society.
  2. Illegal immigrants who want to make it up to the American society must quit their American job, go back to Mexico, register at an American consulate and file for immigration to the US the legal way. Trump as president will personally approve their immigration request if they make it up to American society the real way. They can volunteer to join the arm forces of the United States and fight for her.  They can work for free in a Latin-American Services department, private or public (LAS). They can work for free in agriculture for a year.  They can serve their new legal host country in some way that I can’t think of right now (legal immigrants who work hard raise the Gros Domestic Product, for example).
  3. Illegal immigrants can also choose to serve time in jail, labor camp or pay a fine. A judge can help with that choice.
  4. Illegal immigrants can volunteer to help end illegal immigration, something akin to ex-drug addicts volunteering in drug rehab clinics.
  5. What Hillary is suggesting is not ethical and may be breaking the law: Asking illegal immigrants to talk to legal immigrants to vote for her in return for amnesty. With that kind of thinking she should never be a president of the United States.

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