In defence of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama were the “founders” of ISIS, said Trump today. Well, not exactly. Let’s correct the historical record: The Founder of ISIS was Abu Baker. President George Bush only “helped him.”  How? The American president conquered Iraq because he thought his father didn’t finish the job (see Freud for explanation of One upmanship). He released Baghdadi Abu Baker from prison who went on to Found ISIS in northern Iraq. He looked all around the Middle East for Arab generals to command the ISIS volunteers and found them in Tikrit. President George Bush “helped” again. He appointed Bremer to run Iraq and told him to fake an election where a Shia PM won and took over. But this Bush’s stupidity in the name of fake democracy wasn’t enough stupidity, he has to do a bigger stupidity. He told Bremer to fired the 100 Sunni generals of Saddam Hussein’s army who were now out of the only work they knew how to do. Abu Baker recruited the generals and offered them the job – to run IRIS. Bush’s stupidity was that he didn’t understand that the Sunnis and Shia in Iraq didn’t get along, after all Bush was only an owner of a baseball team in Texas before becoming president.

Thus, Hillary Clinton was not the Found ISIS, as Trump claimed today. She had only enlarged the power of ISIS 100 times over because Obama told her not to worry about ISIS when he appointed her Secretary of State of the United States , “Don’t worry about ISIS, Hillary, it’s going to be fine, they are only JVT fighters!”

The crucial statement today is only: Is something wrong with the American voter decision process? They seem not to vote for the best president for these United States!


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2 Responses to “In defence of Hillary Clinton.”

  1. Jnana Hodson Says:

    Now that we know everything Trump says is sarcasm, we can assume it’s all untrue. Well, even if only half is sarcasm, it’s still like lying — meaning it’s all false. Spread the word, then …

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Jnana Hodson, although Hillary Clinton did not create ISIS, she was responsible for ISIS growing into a world threat to democracy by following her boss (Obama) belief that ISIS was only a junior Varsity Team (JVT) of foreign fighters. If we spread the word that Hillary can be a good commander in Chief (CiC), ISIS may become a major threat in the USA during her 4 year presidency. ISIS is a 638 AD caliphate, not a 2016 AD junior varsity team!

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