Hillary for president, yes or no?

Yes, because her final speech to the Democratic Convention was superb. Yes, because she graciously accepted the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States. Yes, it was a perfect speech. But, but, wait a minute, I would say No, because of her limited judgment skills. How could she possibly deliver what her speech had promised! In comparison, her acceptance speech in 2016 was as perfect as Barak Obama’s acceptance speech at the democratic convention in 2008 and he didn’t deliver! Today is August 1, 2016, we know that he didn’t deliver and we assume that she couldn’t deliver in 2020 or in 2024 either. Would the United states survive another Clinton in the White House? Yes, it would survive the coming catastrophe that historians predict would occur on the 2nd decade of every century! (For this century it’s a war between 2017-20). Those of you that know me as a psychologist on this blog and have read all my posting regarding this crucial federal election, can legitimately ask me how do I know that Hillary Clinton as president will not be able to deliver what she had promised during the convention. Here is my answer:

  1. Does an US president has many more important and difficult decisions to make than you and me? YES.
  2. Can an US president make crucial bad decisions as president and still deliver his/her campaign promises? NO.
  3. During Bill Clinton’s presidency (1992-2000) 19 terrorists entered the US without being vetted or investigated by any US agency influenced by an overly permissive democratic administration headed by Bill Clinton, who could spot a willing female intern in the White House but not spot 19 foreign terrorists in an American flying school learning how to take-off but not land!
  4. During Barak Obama’s presidency (2008-2016) many terrorists entered the US and committed crimes (too many to mentioned) without being vetted by any US agency headed by, again, an overly permissive democratic administration headed by Barak Obama.
  5. Hillary should not be elected president of the United States in 2016 because her personal values of Paternalism, Internationalism and Socialism have clouded her decision-making skills as secretary of State and as US Senator. Her belief in porous borders and relaxed Law and Order philosophy invite chaos. This belief may further undermine her ability to make the best working decisions the country would need the next crucial 4 years. If she is elected president damage control experts will be working overtime to “explain” disasters to the public. The losers will not be the people who voted for her who thought the speeches at the democratic convention were great but the people who were naive enough to believe that Hillary somehow would be able to make the right decisions as president that she couldn’t make as Senator and Secretary of State.

Caveat Emptor!



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