The DNC is making a huge mistake killing their Karma! Think votes!

It is going to backfire big!  The DNC invited to speak at the convention the mothers of young black men killed by police.  What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except that the police were found not guilty of the killing by an unbiased court of justice! That is where Karma comes in. Karma says, “If you try to manipulate public opinion by assuming that the court was biased and the police was actually guilty, you are poking a finger at angry Karma. You will be judged by Karma and you will have bad consequences.

I wish the DNC was truthful and the country could reap the benefits, but that’s not the case.” If Hillary Clinton gets elected president because she is paternalistic and manipulative she will make minority voters more dependent on government handouts rather than becoming independently successful citizens. At a certain point blacks will realize how the democrats treat them and stop appreciating Hillary’s presidential paternalism. The United States may enter the darkest 4 years in the life of race relationship in America. I think it is still not too late to make sure Hillary doesn’t get to be your next president. Karma is a very punishing system.

The solution: Everyone with integrity attending the democratic national convention these 5 days should demand a behavior of INTEGRITY from everyone else at the meeting. immediately invite the mothers of the police officers who were murdered to speak too. Karma is not forgiving if you don’t create fair balance between the blacks and the police. If not, the next 2 years will be more painful to Hillary’s people than just cheating Sanders’s people. The disingenuous democrats will lose a ton of votes in upcoming elections. The US will suffer too if it doesn’t stop this unfolding democratic charade. Please prepare yourself for the end of peace created by the lack of awareness in the democrats of the power of Karma!


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