On Trump, Jewish voters not taking the bait

This headline from the JP shows that someone has the understanding of the growing rift between Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews. Israeli Jew are turning republican and diaspora Jews are turning democratic. Trump as president may as well be more pro-Israel than American Jews. Jews don’t like Israelis, they find them too self-assured, too “arrogant.” Jews are very sensitive to their Christian and Muslim surroundings, Israelis don’t care, they like to do their thing. Jews are motivated by an emotions called “concern, fear, anxiety, pessimism.” Israelis are motivated by emotions called “Anger, ZEN, chutzpah, a good deal, self-assurance, positive arrogance, optimism, spirituality, the here-and-now attitude.”  Jewish voters will vote for Hillary Clinton and create trouble for Israel and them rationalize it that Trump is no friend of Israel when he is Israel. Trump doesn’t need the Jewish vote to win. He needs voters to understand that a vote for him means a better life for them, especially minorities. Go for wisdom, sometimes it is better than the mind!


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