Trump and Pence.

In my book on investing ( I had a chapter on the psychological meaning of the Obama name. Let me in a brief way describe the metaphysics of the Trump/Pence presidency. First, to my odds it is high so they may as well govern the country for the next 4 years. Trump holds the “ace card” literally in his name. Pence is an anal retentive (Freud’s term) of a frugal (Penney pinched) conservative leader. Together, they will reduce the federal deficit!

Trump will play his ace card in trade and security. The world will lose the American paternalistic generosity and will find it difficult to be successful in Socialism without American money (They will have to go to work!). They will bring jobs back to America and reduce the deficit by cutting taxes. By the end of the 4 years people will love Trump’s America and the “folks” among us who couldn’t generalize from Trump success as a wealthy man with a great family to being a great president will have to excuse their short sightless. No problem with that because most people are good in explaining why they couldn’t see a good  thing coming.

People who invest in pence stocks would love Pence VP attitude towards money. No kidding, oh well, may be my penny thought for today!!



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