I mean it! If you really want to make America great you have to understand why the police kills young black men, why young black men kill white police officers, why president Obama encourages that terrible behavior on both sides without being aware that he does. The list of problems caused by chaos is long: why minorities don’t have good jobs, why the European Union is a leftist fascist society that is falling apart, why Brexit happened, why Trump will be elected president, and so on, the explanation is simple. If you get it your life will change for the better, if you don’t get it your life will have lots of problems and the explanations you come up with will be false and not work. Yes, take it or leave it, the buck stops with a leftist western culture that promotes CHAOS, yes CHAOTIC CULTURE!

Chaos permeates life today, art is 50% chaotic lines that don’t fit, Bodies have 5% to 50% disorganized cancer cells that don’t fit organs, Black culture has many members that act chaotic when facing police, police training is chaotic, does not have law and order psychological training, food culture is full of ingredients that don’t fit the menu or your taste, politics loves “doctors without borders” and other chaotic systems that spread viruses and don’t work, the examples are everywhere, marriages have broken all rules, raising kids have no discipline, in short, people’s behavior in any category is disorganized, chaotic, unpredictable, changing on a whim! One person out of a 1000 is raised in a stable home, goes to school, university and becomes a professional, the rest run around trying to figure out what to do in life, most terrorists don’t plan well (thanks God) , terrible behavior is chaotic and you think it just happens. You think it is organized. You see, the problem is that chaos looks not chaotic to chaotic people. It disguises itself so you can’t point it out and get rid of it.

When the body has disorganized cells you have cancer and you die, when society has disorganised behavior the society adopts laws and order policies to save itself or – die. Law and order will happen in the USA if you vote for Trump as president, he WILL create BORDERS and it is good for your life and your behavior, but not for your 2016 chaotic MIND!


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