Green onion fights colon cancer!

I had prostate cancer and a nasty spinal cord cancer tumor in 2011. I changed my life style in about a 100 ways by 2014.  Two treatments were major and 98 wer minor. The two major ways were dendritic cell immunization and hyperthermia. One of the minor ways were eating lots of green onions.

I bought a pouch of small green onion sidling at Wal-Mart, about a 100 in a pouch.  The cost was $2. I planted them in pots. Within 2 weeks I had plenty of fresh green onions to eat every day.  Some of the sidling became white onions, about an inch wide. I ate some of them too every day. In October 2011 I had a stage 4 terminal cancer. Today, 4 MRI’s and many comprehensive blood tests later show no cancer tumors. I spoke about my cancer cure at the University of Berlin (see it on Google).

What I share with you does not guarantee a cure for anything, not even an improvement, but I share the information because I care. What life style you choose to change or not is up to you. People select a life style based on how strong is their desire to live (Freud). In my case my desire to live was 100%, but I had other desired that were important, 1) I ate lots of green onions and I don’t have diarrhea anymore, 2) My fungus in my toes shrank, 3) My sleep got more peaceful, 4) I have less stress and more energy during the day. I am 80 and I look 60 and feel 40!

Oh, by the way, eating lots of green onions fight colon cancer! But, remember, changing a life style require doing more than just one or two major or minor things. Good luck.


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