Why are Americans dying, why?

Americans are dying at the hands of terrorists, why? All the people on Fox channel gave great answers. Fantastic answers from the audience in the studio was dime a dozen. Each answer people gave made them feel good. If implemented they would feel even better. Americans will continue to die but the people with the answers would feel good because their answers were chosen to air. People do not give you answers that work. They give you answers they believe in. Here, I will give you an answer that works but you do not believe in it and you will all jump on me!

NOTHING works! Nothing will stop terrorism except NATIONALISM, and the American people do not believe in Nationalism, they believe in INTERNATIONALISM, not nationalism. If they believed in Nationalism they would have enforced LAW and ORDER, not illegal crossing of borders, not welcoming strangers to your homes without checking them out, not in burning the American flag in the name of freedom, not in paying your American taxes in another language, not in a slap on the wrist for an anti-American behavior, not in taking your guns away but in giving your guns. Yes, in capital punishment, yes in appointing judges that interpret instead of legislate, yes  in talking less and protecting more!

Americans and Germans have become what the Jews were for 2 thousand years, believing in collateral damage. And, when Americans go to war, it’s usually a wrong war. They don’t take the oil they conquer to pay themselves the cost of war. They die and give money to their enemies! In the name of democracy! American will be safe the day they know how to believe in Teddy’s NATIONALISM. There is hope if you know who Teddy was and you liked his ways!


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