A vote for Clinton is a vote for sharks, don’t do it!

Clinton is an insecure person, dependent and unaware personality. As president “others” will make the decisions for the coutry that will make your life difficult, dangerous and uncertain. Did you see how “high energy” senator Warren “took over” Hillary’s rally against Trump today? I watched their campaign rally on CNN this morning and asked myself, “Who is running for president here, Hillary Clinton or Elisabeth Warren the senator, socialist ex-professor from the state of Massachusetts? A month ago, Hillary Clinton said, “I will ask my husband Bill about the economy because he run it well for 8 years.”

Watching Hillary’s performance I asked myself who will preside over the economy and how bad the US will respond to Putin if Hillary gets elected president? I think it is time for you to realize that if you vote for Hillary and she get elected president, other people will make the important decisions here. Hillary Clinton is a weak, poor decision-making person, do you want your life and pay check to depend on the decision-making “wisdom” of Hillary Clinton? And, I didn’t even mention Benghazi, the private email servers fiasco and the false information she spread around the country! In a democracy you get what you deserve, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton president of the United States. Your life will be worse than when the “Community organizer” you voted for last time run the show, giving your money away to foreigners you disliked who hate you. Make America smart again!



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