The Mateen case: There is no difference in copetency between psychologists and psychiatrists!

Florida records show Mateen was determined to behave normal in September 2007 so he could work for the Wackenhut Corp. The records show he took a psychological test for an evaluation by a psychologist or a psychiatrist.”

Having been in the business of evaluating people for 40 years, the 10% Rule applies here. Most of my readers know this rule because when you decided to follow my psychological blog long ago, the 10% Rule was the best news to follow to get your life to the top of the scale, so I will not define it again and again. You may go through my postings to find it described in at least 10 places.

The evaluation by the psychologist or psychiatrist of Mateen had been probably a routine evaluation of mental and psychosomatic states done 90% of the times by 90% of the “Shrinks.” The success rate may be 10% and therefore in 90% of the cases the suspect will beat the system!  A much better evaluation is behavioral, but that evaluation method is not practiced. Behavioral profiling is very effective for predicting disasters but police is not allows to accumulate information on people’s behavior in the work place or at school or home lest you violate the sacredness of privacy in the American culture. Private behavior in the American culture is more protected than public life itself!



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