Trump and Judge Curiel, what’s the real problem?

Trump has a LSMP personality as billionaire businessman. This fact may undermine his chance to be a president of the United States and make America great again because a president must have a HSMP. The biggest loss would be to the American people, especially Mexican-Americans. The irony of that situation is that M-A’s will continue to have the smallest piece of the American pie because of fear that Trump is a racist. Is Trump a racist? What is the problem with Curiel?

Trump is a great businessman and any person or psychologist close to the wisdom or insight of Freud would know that Judge Curiel’s court judgment against Trump University may have been biased because the Judge’s parents are immigrants from Mexico and Trump as president of the US would build a wall to keep illegal Mexican immigrants out of the USA. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand subconscious influences. Also, Judge Curiel was appointed by Obama, the Judge belongs to a Mexican lawyers organization that strongly oppose Trump and is affiliated with raising money for the Clinton clan and other political  democrats. The Judge should have excuse himself from presiding over the suit against Trump University files by a person who actually praise the quality of learning she received at the University.

Most American voters have already judged Trump a racist, or condemned him as Gingrich, ex-Speaker of the House, did.  Trump may win the biased court case against his University but lose the presidency, on account of this this case. If that happens it would be because he is good as a defendant in a biased court with his low self monitoring personality (LSMP) but not good as a president. You see, to get elected president in the USA you must, unfortunately, be a high self monitoring individual (HSMP!


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