Israel at the crossroad of history.

Please don’t ignore the mood in Israel, the issue that ought to be addressed concerns the shift in Israeli society from left to right. That current leadership is much more right-wing than any of leaderships in the past is an undeniable fact. The question is whether this is a right-wing leadership merely inclined to conservatism and laissez-faire economics, or a right-wing leadership with radical inclinations, whether in religious-messianic terms or secular-fascist ones?

Israel celebrated its national independence is 1948 with a wave of eastern European socialist Jews immigrating in droves. The country started as a socialist state, in part because the left was in charge of “Aliya” and discouraged “right wingers” from immigrating to Israel. In the first Knesset, Labor (Mapai) got 40 Knesset members (KM) under the leadership of Prime minister David Ben Guion (Hagana) and the Zionists (Herut) got 14 KM’s under the leadership of Menachem Begin (Etsel). The right-wing got a “break” in 1991 with the immigration of 1.5 million Russian Jews to Israel, (mostly right wingers) and Arab harassment of Jews which turned left-wing Jews to the right. By the beginning of the 21st century 70% of Israeli have become right wingers. (If you want to understand the fundamental behavioral differences between the left and the right browse my blogs).

The third phase is beginning soon. That phase will start with the next election. Bennett expect to get 20 KM’s and Lieberman expect to get 15 KM, to a total of 35 classical right-wing Knesset members (They will have to relay on a reduced Likud to form a nationalist government). With such a government the losers will be Gaza, Israeli Arabs, Iran, the EU, ultra orthodox Jews, the UN, and the left everywhere. The winners will be Israeli State, the CIA, IDF, FBI, Mossad, Jews who live next to Arab borders, military technology, officers moral and pay, Jews who live in Judea and Samaria, Ariel municipality, Christian Arabs, and right-wing democratic Governments (Czech Republic, Hungary).

The answer to the question in the first paragraph is: The right-wing leadership of Israel after the next election is predicted to be a marriage between religious-messianism with secular right-wing conservatism? The window of opportunity for peace in the short is closing fast. The window of opportunity for peace in the long run is opening slowly!!


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