Meet the hybrids: They kept extinct human DNA alive in us.

We are all hybrids of alien males mating with fair complexion Neanderthal females who lived in caves of Abyssinian rocks in the earth region of the Atlas mountains of Morocco 30,000 years ago. The results are that about 3% of modern human DNA comes from the Neanderthal out of these matings, while about 30% of ancient (early generations) human DNA came from that Neanderthal, including the Aboriginal people of Australia whose brain capacity before mixing with the Cro Mignon was about 200 cc smaller than the brain size of modern humans. Scientists traced the human male Y-Chromosome to an unknown source that did not come from the Neanderthal! (it is not speculative anymore that the unknown source was of alien origin, but it is still speculative whether the three aliens that formed Mount Olympus (Zeus, Poseidon and Pluto) came from the habitable 26 ECM planet B in the Zeta Reticuli system or planet B in the Alpha Centauri system. Science also found out that human’s circadian motion is 25 ECM hours, not the 24 ECM hours that it is on Earth, as is the case with all other earth’s mammals!

I believe that I am one of the hybrids alluded to in the story the titles this posting. I was not interviewed by the two authors of the book. They interviewed others for this book that is mentioned in the  New Scientist magazine. I have no idea how the authors selected the interviewees but unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. Therefore, I doubt the authenticity of the book. I just saw this title mentioned in the NS magazine and I got intrigued because I consider myself as one of the key people on earth who had researched the fringe background of the Cro Mignon and the remnant DNA of human-Neanderthal mating, as part of my lectures on parapsychology meeting astrobiology and metaphysics in my unusual college class in California in the 80tis (I was a college professor of psychology and parapsychology there for 27 years).

About the Title of my posting picked up from the internet, I object to the statement that “…they kept extinct human DNA alive in us.” This get to the realm of speculation and I am also free to express mine. I believe that the three humanoids (Entered Greek Mythology later as Zeus, Poseidon and Pluto) were actually sent to Earth 30,000 years ago not to keep extinct human DNA alive in us as the article says but to create our incredible species (The Cro Magnon) by mating with Neanderthal woman. You see, anthropology can attest that the Neanderthal was the only evolution line that Earth could produce. Earth was not able to get us to the next level in evolution without “help.” We needed a “divine intervention” or what you would call “Alien seeding.”


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