The RNC is suicidal or stupid? What a choic!

I am sure you read the rebuff of Trump by most of the key self-appointed delegates who make up the RNC hierarchy. Do they realize that they are pushing Mr. T  to switch to an independent run for the White House in July that will destroy the chances of the Party nominee to win ???? Mr. T has a national movement and it is probable that in a 3-ways race HE MIGHT WIN!!!! Why? Many Hillary voters, Sanders voters, RNC voters and independents may Join the anger and vote for Trump. This election is exciting to me. I like drama and Trump, no matter what he does as president, would be by far better for America and better for the stupid world than Obama is (Obama made more bad decisions in 8 years than any previous president).  There are so many individuals in a positions of authority at the RNC who don’t understand psychology at all. That is not a problem by itself, the problem is that they think they do and don’t need to be Socratic to save us from a big war. The situation is like a wife (RNC) whose who is married to a popular man (Mr. T) who is leaving her in July after 7 years who is asking, “What did I do wrong that he is leaving?”

The answer is: You restricted him with too many rules!!! You kept him away from you and your friends!!! and above all, you didn’t consider the fact that he is popular with the girls who don’t make too many access rules!

Have a good day, RNC, it is not too late to play the game without suicidal tendencies. Trump is a very “shocking” dude. You need to worry unless your are stupid or suicidal.  You are acting as if it is not stupid to ignore his Ace Card (popularity) of independent run in this stupid poker game called the Presidency, I love it, it sure beats monopoly! I am not insinuating that it’s like a kids game…no, these are aaddolltts!


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