How did the Y choromozone gone extinct without leaving any trace in modern humans?

Neanderthal genes have been found in our genomes, on X chromosomes, and have been linked to traits such as skin colour, fertility and even depression and addiction. Now, an analysis of a Y chromosome from a 49,000-year-old male Neanderthal found in El Sidrón, Spain, suggests the chromosome has gone extinct seemingly without leaving any trace in modern humans.

As a professor of parapsychology for 25 years I have tried to explain to my colleagues in anthropology and genetics that my hypothesis that there is a high probability that the Y-chromosome in modern human males comes from inter-breeding between alien males and earth’s Neanderthal female. An article in New Science leaves the explanation why modern human males have no traces of  Neanderthal Y-Chromosome genes to future centuries. I find it absurd that science has the data but today’s anthropology and genetics are unable to accept that I as a modern male my Y-chromosome may have come from an alien who lived on a habitable planet on Alpha Centaury!

There are 2 habitable B planets with a 26 earth hours day/night cycle (circadian), one is in Alpha Centaury star system as I mentioned and the other is in the Zeta reticuli system. A humanoid from there with an inner clock of 26 hours mating with a Neanderthal female with a inner circle of 24 hours will produce a male offspring with a 25 hours day/night circadian cycle. That male offspring will not have a Neanderthal Y-chromosome and will live by a 25 day/night cycle. That is us, why can’t we accept that our father is an alien hominoid?


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