What Trump is going to do?

When asked what a Trump presidency would mean for Israel, Senator Graham said: “If you can tell me what Trump is going to do, then you should write a book. One thing I can tell you about Donald Trump is that his foreign policy, to me, has been gibberish. To me, it is worse than Obama.”

You already know what this psychologist thinks about professional politicians. They are missing the top information you need to make decisions that work! Graham is not exception. His answer to the JP reporter about what Trump would do as president should have been:

  1. Based on the way Trump has handled his family of children from 3 wifes shows a superb ability to relate to people in difficult circumstances and have every one respect each other and have careers. This translates to great foreign relations, with respect for the chief and appreciation for his leadership in creating jobs for his family members. Countries that will not be accepted as a “family nation” will be hurt.
  2.  The way Trump makes tons of money translates to great deals for American workers. Countries that will not be part of the family of Trump nations will be more poor than today.
  3. Trump will say things that will make people afraid of him untill they realize that he barks more than bites. With experience as president t he will tame down and settle to an interesting presidency, not all good, but 10 times better than the competition.
  4. I like senator Graham but he can’t think outside the box.



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