Mckenzie’s commentaries: The Tower of Babylon is destroying hunanity!

A stupid Greek “scholar” was assigned by an early Pope or the king of Greece a few centuries before or after the destruction of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD to translate the Old Testament from Aramaic mixed with Hebrew to Greek mixed with Latin and then translate it to old English by King James of England. Why all this confusing translations?  The story of the Tower of Babylon in the Jewish Bible tell us of an angry God who was out to punish humans for saying they were smarter than God and disobey His laws.  God decided to scramble their languages so bad that communication would be completely messed up untill the Messiah comes to save them from themselves! As with most important Biblical stories the Jews and the Gentiles didn’t get it and never took them seriously. Today, they still suffer because of it and still don’t get it!

I will illustrate only a few of a 1000 distortions in translations of the Hebrew Bible to Greek and to English, albeit those few that I will illustrate caused more war and destruction on earth than all the others combined, real bad! (Don’t worry, there is hope).

The stupid Greek scholar who was assigned by the Pope or the king of Greece to translate the Hebrew Bible to Greek around the time of Jesus was a complete idiot. He spoke only Greek with a few Hebrew words. How can anyone translate from one language to another knowing only the other? Well, I don’t really know the answer to that riddle. I assume that in those days very few people spoke Hebrew and those who knew the tongue were afraid to speak up because of beginning antisemitism (Yiddish and Ladino were slowly replacing Hebrew, the cursed language). May be the Pope didn’t care for the accuracy of the translation of the language of the defeated Jews, your guess is as good as mine. Whatever is the reason that the sloppy Greek “scholar” was appointed, the first thing he did was invent a “fiction” name for the Messiah, “Jesus of Nazareth” replacing  “Yehoshua Ben Yosef, the ordained Messiah from the line of King David.”

But that distortion was nothing compared to the next 2 mistranslations of the Bible by that ancient idiotic scholar. He replaced the Hebrew word “Alma” with the Hebrew word “Betula,” making Mary mother of Jesus a virgin! (Yehoshua’s mother was not a virgin. He had older brothers). He translated the Hebrew word “Satan” (tester) to “Diabolos,” (hater). (There is no hater of man in the old testament). With a stroke of pen that will change bloody history Satan was changed from a servant of God whose job was to test you, test, test, test, not hate you, hate, hate, hate, to a hater of man whose job was to kill them!  I was shocked when I read McKenzie’s commentaries on the Bible!


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