Trump’s enemies defend themselves against their own fascism!

According to Zigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, psychological projection is a virulent defense mechanism in the hands of politicians on the right and on the left. Let’s look at people on the left who right now call Donald Trump a fascist devil! Why are they so virulent? Because of psychological projection, a powerful motivation to protect sanity! Most leftist politicians and journalists are rigid and hidden authoritarians and love power and righteousness. They would perceive fascistic behavior in themselves as the worse curse. If they realized that they are afflicted by that scourge of the human personality they might commit suicide, Leftists perceive fascism as a terminal disease of humanity. Humans will defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying in themselves the existence of the “disease.” They will instantly attribute the worse form of it to their worse enemies. That would explain why a leftist liberal who behaves like  an Stalinist or  communist authoritarian may constantly accuse a succesful businessman and family man like Trump of being a fascist. Projection is a form of blame shifting.

Trump exhibits many “impurities” but he is not a fascist. Fascists cannot be successful businessmen in a democracy unless they take over the government. Fascists don’t negotiate and make deals. Don’t be fooled by Trump’s strength. God forbids if Bernie Sandberg becomes president you will  see a “soft” fascist, one that pretends to be “only a socialist.” Stalin will be back! Another  example of a “soft” fascist is Obama who wants everything his way. He creates a mess around the world and project the blame on others. Listen, you can fool the people twice but not all the time. Vote for “earthy” Trump. He is really not politically correct and it is time for real change. Don’t worry, be happy. Be good to your pocket-book for a change, especially if you are a minority person. Don’t get fooled again. Your living standard is more important than your skin color, dude. Did you get projection right? Beware of the projectors in life, they are virulent!


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