Trump: Less money for NATO (and the UN), right on!

This posting is from this morning after the bombing in Brussel and the stupid remark on CNN that no expert in the world can secure airports! I have added  “and the UN” because it is coming soon too when Trump gets elected president. The case of NATO’s support for Ukraine for me is personal. NATO supports Ukraine against Russia.  My father’s Jewish family who lived in Ukraine for 200 years suffered during a particularly bloody pogrom of antisemitism in Ukraine and had to move fast to Russia for protection. How would you feel if you live in a country for a long time and suddenly get uprooted.   NATO doesn’t care about people, only politics. NATO has a foreign policy dictated directly by the anti-American EU and the UN… and paid for by the American tax payers (me)! I feel like a fool.  Thank you, DT, for hitting the nail on the head, for suggesting less financial support for NATO untill they get their act together, their priorities straight. Kerry’s the idiot secretary and Hillary the stupid one have got to resign from politics and the UN have got to split in two. I will vote for Trump in November for many reasons besides that I as an American citizen who don’t want Obama to finance “hate for America” around the world with my tax money. Enough is enough. Let me suggest, Mr. Trump, more money for NATO only after you are elected president and after you have replaced all the European “socialist” corrupt, low-energy  leaders of NATO who don’t know what they are supposed to be doing with our money!


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