SEGMENT THREE: What is a true religion? Is it wonderful to have?

A true religion is that part of your religion that is scientific, that allows you to learn to conduct a verifiable process by which you can communicate with your God. The other part of your religion is cultural, social and spiritual and provides you with meaning and Joy but you cannot communicate with God through your culture, only pretend that you can and have faith. Do you want the real thing? How can you truly communicate with God scientifically? What is a true religion? The 2 best methods to communicate with God are available only to a single person, never to a group. They are, 1) Signal detection or learning to distinguish the one signal in your environment, out of many “normal” signs, that comes from God for you, and 2) Psychokinesis or asking God to move an object in a predetermined way that will answer a yes/no question. I taught scientific parapsychology for the state of California for 25 years, no joke, 3 credits were transferable to UC Berkeley. I also taught Seance and produced a 3 dimensional Hologram devoid of Chi, but that was nothing compared to communicating with God verifiable!.

Now, the conditions required for successful communication with the Spirit of God are: Authenticity, skill of thinking, feeling of love for the spirit and having patience, especially the PK, sometimes you have to wait 2 hours for the “thing” to move! Both signal detection and PK are taught at some colleges in California, The fact that these special classes are not well-known is because humans of the 21st century tend not to take weird classes designed for the 22nd century. Sad, but most people do not think outside the box and cannot escape their Zeitgeist. I assume that most of you by now are skeptics about what I am saying. Nevertheless, a true religion is activated by love energy directed from a person’s pure thinking to the Monads in his frontal lobe through the pineal gland (the sacred gland that secretes melatonin and serotonin). If you do it right (not easy) you’d be amazed at the results. 33 years ago I was depressed after my divorce I asked God to introduce me to a beautiful and smart soul mate for life. He did because I did the communication process His way and today she is the mother of my 2 grown up kids.


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