Do you need a religion in your life?

SEGMENT TWO: A religion is a place you go to for rehab, a “half-way-house-between the mess you made and sweet home, the place you go to find out what you did wrong and how to make decisions that work and get you back on the road to God. Humans have souls that provide veracity and purpose for living, manifesting itself in consciousness and a prime desire to learn to relate to a “protective” and “loving” supreme being. Having no science to guide them to God, they come up with interesting “stories.” Sociology and culture enrich their lives but can’t provide a truth path to God. They get disappointed, unless they make a living form it!

Religion starts with a man having a “divine” experience. The Jews find Moses, the Christians find Jesus, the Muslims find Mohamed, the Hindus find Brahma, the Buddhists find Buddha, and so on. Houses of worship spring up everywhere, each doing its meaningful thing with rituals, music, dance, culture, food and sex…and services to the needy. Religion gets A+ for good music, get together, good food, pot luck, trips to shrines, a complete cultural phenomena, so well-organized that elders usually are the first to deceive themselves that they are really doing God’s work,  relating to God. They are not. They are relating to their cultural perception of God. Is that OK? Yes, as long as you know that you can’t get God’s benefits unless you become authentic. Hidden self-deception is OK untill you get the information you need to move on. Pretence has become so real that most people who attend a house of worship really feel that God is listening to their problems.  Religion prevents you from reaching God. No soldier with PTSD would ever commit suicide if he went to a church created by God and not by man. Is that possible? Yes, but man will have to create a “cultural church” alongside a “healing church,” each with its own rules of behavior, one from the soul and the other comes from the mind, working together to feed humanity activities for fun and truth for healing!  Religion has failed to take man to God. He now lives for the “stories.” SEGMENT THREE will be about What is a true Church?


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