T sense of assertiveness or the sense of humility?

Very few psychologists retire and open a free blog to help people make this world better. Very few psychologists of my caliber and assertiveness level open a WordPress free blog to help people insist on having a better world. Very few Jewish psychologists of my knowledge and experience in relationships, science and spirituality open a great WordPress blog to really lead people who listen to understand “Tikun Olam.” this Great God Given Glob (GGGG) we live on. The first rule I want you to adopt is the Rule of Clarity: The human Mind is the place where lack of clarity about life has accumulated from the moment of birth, the more humility your parents had the more uncertainty you feel.  The growing human Self or Soul is the place where crystal clarity always exists as the clarity of God about his creation. Did you ever experience a situation where you should have said, “Yes, I would love to see you tomorrow at 7,” and instead you blurted, “I will try to make it, it depends….”  Oy Vey, try to lift a book, you can’t, you can either lift the book or you don’t. The word “Trying” means to the subconscious of the other person that you really don’t want to see him/her. You made a “whishi woshi” decision.  You lost something that could have been great. People with a personality permeated with humility always lose something that could have been beneficial. Lack of clarity and assertiveness is a ticket to all kinds of deprivations in life. It’s funny if not pathetic that people who experience life as Scarcity always believe in poor Austerity programs to fight it, not clarity! And they exhibit a sense of deep humility and envy when they meet assertive people to the point that many say they met an arrogant person (As a psychologist I meet a lot of people on Boards, even on VCRC, my board, who called me arrogant!).  Jealousy hurt relationships, but please, bless your assertiveness, it is worth a lot more in life than changing into humility. The second rule you want to adopt is The Rule of  Black and White: The human Mind is the place in the head where the experience of lack of clarity always leads to a belief in “gray areas,” a doubt about making decisions that work! In other words, people with a mind full of the sense of humility will always lack the assertiveness of making decisions that work. For example. I am very very assertive personality. In 1987 after seeing the movie Toy Story and reading the biography of Lucas and Steven Jobs, I was certain that Pixar and Apple were big winner. I bought shares for $14 each. The rest is history. The belief that life has shades of gray comes from having humility that prevent you from researching the additional information you need to see clarity that the situation is actually black or white. Most people live a life of “quiet desperation,” (check out the term on Google) and start living big time, with clarity, assertiveness and making decisions that work. By the way, in his book “Slow Thinking, Fast thinking,” Dr. Daniel Cahneman, Nobel Price psychologist, 2002, says, “Humans are lazy, you have to nudge them to research things before they decide.”  OK, Daniel, I am nudging my readers, “Hey, dear reader, push your gray areas to the side and find the clarity you need before you decide the major decisions in your life: Who to marry, how to love, how many kids to have, how to raise them with clear values, what clear career to build your life on, who to clearly choose as your 1-3 best friends, what physical activity is clearly the best to do for health and finally, be clear what food and drink to have to prolong your good life (read my next posting too, you’d be amazed).


The second rule I want you to adopt


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