How to prolong your life!

I promised the readers of the last posting to give them “information” how to prolong their lives. I know the older you are the more interested you’d be to read it, the sicker you are the more motivated you’d be to read it. What I don’t know is if you remember what I told you 700 posting ago – that my blog will usually give out information that other bloggers don’t know about or would be turned off knowing. The more unique my blog is the more people will be turned off by it. Why? because people are gravitated to the center, to logic, regular stuff and less exotic data. My information today is from the 10% Category. If you don’t know yet what is the 10% Rule search and find the 10-20 postings that explain the 10% Rule.

You can prolong your life by knowing information hidden in the top 10% of date not available yet to most people, either because people withhold that information from you or you can’t get it because it is stored in a future century’s data. For example, it would be stupid of me to offer a computer to a cave man! Oh well,  let’s try anyway: In your brain in the area called neocortex and the frontal lobe, there is a huge Ley line to the pineal gland (Descartes 1700) in the center and many secondary Ley lines to all organs in the body and outside (similar to Yin/Yang meridians and the Chi energy chakra distribution). The description is a primordial purposive energy system with its own veracity. Humans try to reach its healing and longevity powers through prayer and meditation for 1,000 years now to no avail, but humans can’t get it that the system called “M-System” does not respond to thoughts that come from the human mind because, as scriptures say, “They are calculating.” The “M-System” respond only to human authenticity, what ever that means. I think “human authenticity” means “True love or pure thought or..who know?” Try to be authentic and see what happens. In a class that I teach 2 students were authentic” and they got 2 unexpected gifts within a month! I don’t know how, really, this area of thinking is from the 25th Century and it is not that clear to me. I am working on this spiritual clarity for 10 years now and I am getting close to it, it’s something to do with true love as an energy. I hope that I helped you! I tried my best. This posting may be clearer with inspiration from the energy itself if it so chooses.


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