The game called Supreme Court! Is hell coming?

Obama presented a moderate nominee for the SC. The republicans refused to vote for/on him. What’s going on? A clever 7 months republican delay game or a stupid game? I am not sure. Are you? Let’s assume that the republicans are smart. They will “freeze” the process till October. If trump is projected in many polls to win against Hillary Clinton, the republicans will wait even longer so Trump will get to nominate a conservative (better than moderate). If the polls show that Hillary is winning the presidency the republicans will approve the moderate nominee because they know that Clinton as president will appoint a super liberal to the SC. The game is simple, a game of polls. You may also call it a game of perceptions or beliefs.

Lets play the worse scenario;  assume that Clinton wins the presidency and the republicans were not fast enough to approve the moderate judge for the SC, she gets to appoint an arch liberal to replace the arch conservative Judge Scalia. In that case the following SC decisions will be implemented 5/4 vote of the SC. The country will become a socialist US for the first time ever, living from savings and not from investing, Universities will be close to Jews de facto, abortions will almost be on demand, ISIS will relax, definitely no capital punishmentt, big US government will feed the world, multiculturalism becomes more important than Americanism, rampant crime and drug abuse become tolerable, millions of gov. programs to improve everything without accountability, austerity programs grow like in Europe, paternalism becomes God, God disappears, police develop anxiety, borders become porous or irrelevant, doctors without borders are happy, refugee families move to live at the Hilton hotel paid by the government (already happening in Canada). I must say, it probably won’t be as bad as I predict, but who cares, it may take 10 years to get so bad…. and I will be 90! Who care!


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