The relationship between Testosterone and Abiraterone in my cancerous body!

If you suspect prostate cancer this information may help you (consult your oncologist) if you are also independent personality, like I am. You won’t find this information anywhere in the literature on cancer where most people think in the box. Last year I spoke at Humboldt University (Dr. Elior Kinarthy, Berlin) how I cured my cancer. Coming home to Canada I had to face my decision what to do about the Abiraterone prescription. It caused a high blood pressure. After 6 moths on a daily dose of 1000 mg per day plus 5 mg Prednizone on an empty stomach I researched the subject and started reducing. There is no research on real reducing, absolutely none.

Five years later: I am now on 80 mg Abiraterone and 1.25 mg Prednizon taken daily with food. My oncologist calls it, “Homeopathic dose.” Tests show no recurrent cancer and no HBP. I don’t recommend that you do it, consult with your doctor, don’t do anything unless you know your business. Abiraterone is a CYP 17 enzyme that prevents cancer cells from “making” their “food.” They starve! What I demonstrated (a study, not an experiment),  apparently, at very reduced levels, with food, some people have the bio-ability to reduce the drug drastically and live without PSA elevations. Good luck!


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