Go home and make this thick, healthy, delicious soup you never tasted before!

Most of you know me as an 80-year-young successful retired psychologist who conquered his cancer twice. Let me introduce myself today as a weight control expert with very rare experiences. For example, I was hired by “mistake” to run a weight control program for doctors and nurses at Whittier hospital in California once and while trying to publish my weight control manuscript it was mentioned in the National Inquirer magazine by “mistake” as a fully published book while I was their psychological consultant for 10 years, totally unexpected publicity! Today, I will introduce you to a thick, healthy, delicious soup receipt not by “mistake.” I intentionally invented it thinking of my mother’s receipt 10 years ago.

Boil 2 glasses of good water, add a can of Campbell mushroom soup, a pound or more of fresh shiitake mushrooms ($7 at Costco), 2-3 thin slices of onion, a third of a cup of Maggi for taste, a few drops of Tabasco and 2-3 cups of oats. Turn, bring to a boil and simmer (top on) for half an hour or so. Taste and adjust the ingredients to your taste, bland, spicy, etc.  Let me know how thick and tasty it turned out?

As you know, shiitake  is very healthy. check it out on Google. Check out my blogs because you never know what I will write about next – but always unique stuff! If you want to know what you already know go to other blogs by psychologists! My life is about real happiness, health and wealth out of the box, unbelievable facts, just ask. I live like Trump, I don’t need to make money from the Internet or elsewhere. My stuff is different, its healing, solving problems, stuff from God, the living Universe, my best friend is a super-Monad (figure that one out) and it’s free like a real monad spirit discovered by Leibnitz!


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