A brokered republican convention: What will probably happen?

Predictions is the bread and butter of psychologists. Their success ratio is higher than the general population. This election cycle will be bloody. You wouldn’t believe what’s coming. The republican establishment is dying. It will try to stop Trump from getting the nomination viciously. They don’t understand that Trump is not stopable because the whites love his values and the Latinos crazy about his personality. He will easily get 60% of the Latino vote by an authority oriented population in the United states that love a “strong man.”  They don’t like what he says sometimes but they love his “Mossulini” personality. Mexicans worship in their culture “political lords.” Americans used to love mild-mannered Wilsonians. Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t get elected before Trump arrived and got people to like and to respect doers. Obama destroyed the foundation of American manifest destiny just like Ehud Barak destroyed the foundation of Israeli manifest destiny (the world is doomed without these 2 nations manifest destiny). So, the bitter war between those in the establishment that got to spend the 20 trillion dollars loans from the children of the middle class people and now want to spend another 20 trillion are facing Trump who wants to stop the rip off. Romney realized that most voters like trump so he will try to prevent him from Getting Florida and Ohio and force him into a brokered convention. They will select another candidate against the will of the people. They will split the republican party because Trump will run as an independent. Hillary will then be elected president. The majority that will vote for Trump will get Hillary instead and be pissed off enough to go to the streets. The country will be ruined by her policies and a civil war may start between socialists and capitalists over paternalism. I hope not but this probability is high. The other possibility is that Trump will get enough votes and delegates to defeat Hillary and become president of the USA. If that happened, with the help of the latino voters, the US, Mexico and Canada will thrive as nations and the rest of the world will stagnate with socialism. In life people get what they deserve. Vote for Trump despite your fears. Take the risk.



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