Romney just elected Trump president!

His speech against Trump saying this morning that Trump as president will destroy jobs clinched it. How did R helped T get elected? By not remembering that 4 years ago Romney praised Trump saying that Trump creates jobs. He even said that Trump was even more successful as a businessman than Romney. Now, you know why Romney lost the 2012 election to Obama. The man doesn’t understand psychology at all. Anyone who appears as a phony politician and speaks ill against someone else will make the other person look good. Romney didn’t understand that you got to know how to use preempting and disarming or you lose. He attacked Trump personally and then implied that it would be wrong of Trump to attack him personally!  Voters hate phony and dishonest politicians. Romney is a confused republican who “forgot” to listen to Reagan who said once, “Don’t destroy republican unity. You lose if you attack other republicans.” Apparently, as an “establishment” republican Romney couldn’t self-control his hate for Trump and wouldn’t realize that what he said would help Trump get more votes, not fewer votes.

For me, before Romney spoke, I was for Trump with some reservations, now, after Romney spoke, I will vote for Trump for sure. Too many phonys who did nothing for America love to put Trump down, may be it is time for good people to exercise voting power and kick asses up in Washington.


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One Response to “Romney just elected Trump president!”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    This is just the nominating contest for a candidate, not the general election. But I agree, it isn’t an effective argument against Trump when viewed by his supporters.

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