Authoritarianism of the Left: The common denominator of Trump voters!

University of Massachusetts, your research to find out a single personality trait for Trump supporters, to say the least, is flawed. You suggested it was not the garden variety of an expected trait such as racism against Mexicans, sexism, narcissism or ethnic bias against Muslims, that’s true, and that insight may make you smarter than a million simple-minded ignoramuses who think that Trump is plain racist, but Authoritarian??? My God, give me a break, there are more authoritarian personalities of the left (China, Soviet Union, Cuba, EU, Clinton, Sanders, etc) than of the right. Thus, I assume you meant that Trump is an Authoritarian personality of the Left.

Hey, I got my MA in psychology at UCN in 1971 studying Authoritarianism in personalities and PhD from USC in 1976, and you can bet your bottom that you can’t brand a person authoritarian without specifying if the personality trait is left or right (we have advanced since Adorno). Well, you didn’t spacify. As a psychologist I know that you committed a Fallacy of Omission, probably because of a sloppy research methodology. Personally, I am surprised at your poor methodology, representing the University of Mass, one of our best Universities for research, so I will have to assume that it was just one biased professor of political science or psychology who didn’t know left from right! Let me also assume that he may have meant Authoritarianism of the Left because Trump donated money to authoritarian (dogmatic) socialists such as Clinton and Sanders (he had his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

Listen, scholarly dudes, if Trump is an authoritarian leftist personality than Sanders is a Trozky Communist, shifting the whole stupid political spectrum to the far left, probably caused by a California earth quake that made commentators and researchers of left-right personality stupid. The verdict, I think, is much simpler. The shift made the democrats behave like anarchists who wish for a whitering of the State (Carl Marx), let it all hang up… and the republicans behave like they are all visionaries, each one of them think that he or she can make America great again. Let me tell you the truth, America will be great again when Americans gets tired of being pushed around by idiots around the world who can’t produce a viable economy who live by constraints whether they are austerity programs like is Europe or expectations “give” programs from uncle Donald, Tom or Sam. Get ready to go to work, dudes!

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