Crocodile’s tears?

Some in Social Media think that Obama’s speech on gun control was bogus when he shed a tear or two talking about the 22 children massacred in one of many shootouts by “crazies” during his administration. I think not! Obama’s tears were a genuine expression of sorrow by an unaware US president. Obama cares, his road to hell is paved with many good intention, his problem is not that he doesn’t care. His problem is that he doesn’t take responsibility for the bloody state of the world during his administration, caused by his decisions. Obama has always believed that an US President has very little power to affect the world. Obama’s problem is his belief system., his values! He is wrong in his decision-making much more often than being right. He was elected mostly by black Americans who wanted peace and jobs and not a better world. He and them didn’t understand that America has always been the “Policeman of the world.” Obama’s behavior is no different from a police department chief that withdrawals from a violent town and then sheds tears when kids die all over the town. But Obama is not stupid, he is just not aware of reality. Obama is an isolationist at heart paving the way for Trump who wants to a world policeman, something Obama would have done consciously. Obama said once from his heart, “Trevor Martin could have been my son,” an innocent remark, a real tear for a young black male, an offspring that Obama  would have liked to have. The riots that ensued afterwards are attributed to that statement, but a truth that Obama could have never accepted. Add that to a 1000 innocent trigger statements that he made for 7 years, from Cairo to Kenya, from Detroit to Washington – and the world is on fire…and he cries! No wonder Trump thinks that Obama and Hillary are the worst leaders elected by Americans. Let me say it again, Obama didn’t shed Crocodile tears for the world he, Clinton and Bush have created for us, he shed real tears because he thought the republicans have created the mess. Let me simplify the psychological issue here. Democrats believe that being nice to terrorists improves their behavior. Republicans belief that being nice to terrorists make their behavior worse! You decide!

The truth about Obama is that Obama has to protect his sanity, he couldn’t live with himself if he accepted responsiblity for having messed up the world and created the pain. He is not to be blamed for it because he was not smart enough to monitor himself by understanding the influential power of his position. Obama is not evil, he is a naive president with confusing values. I count the days, he and the Clintons play only only only golf!


One Response to “Crocodile’s tears?”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    Isn’t it more likely that he just empathized with the room full of family members who had lost loved ones to gun violence, who were only a few feet away when he was speaking? That’s an emotionally charged situation to be in. I believe it helped him to behave more authentically in the moment, but I don’t think he “planned” to break down at all. Sometimes the reality of pain and grief is too palpable to stay on script.

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