Some of your friends are stupid, what would you do?

He is almost a 100 years old. He prolonged his life by jogging 3 miles a day and eating the right food and vitamines. He looks about 70 YO. He is a smart fellow, but stupid when it comes to knowing what is waiting for him after death. The irony is that I lectured on death and dying at universities in both the US and Canada…and he says, “Let me tell you what my Rabbi says about death.” I have listened to stupidities as a psychologist at least 10 times a day for 40 years now, but this was enough for me so I said, “let me tell you what science found out about NDE and life after death.” For the next 2 hours walking he wouldn’t leave me alone, “it’s even better than what my Rabbi said, ” he said!

I won’t tell you the truth because you will b confused. Let m just tell you about an exponential EEG electronic machine that detected brain waves in the grave area 2 days after a person died (it depends on other factors).  What does it mean? That means that most graves emit thoughts and feelings days and years after death depending on the sophistication of your EEG and what consciousness is doing at that moment. I could tell you about 100 scientific facts about life after death but what the point? The students that took my classes for 27 years forgot the truth about life after death and listened to their priest or Rabbi within a semester or 2. The weird truth was out of the Zeitgeist and out of the box. Sure, the truth makes you free but your mind won’t let you be free anyway lest it loses control, unless you dedicate your life to your life and to God and very few people do that! I got a feeling, though, that my 92-year-old friend is close enough to the “switch point” to take science seriously and learn the truth that no Rabbi or priest can describe.


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