Can a commercial airplane be 100% secured and protected? Yes and No!

No, because there is no culture on earth (except one) that would allow the design of a behavioral system necessary to secure a commercial airplane 100% Yes, because science and that one culture could do it if you let them. The question is: Will a 100% secure passenger plane ever exist? The answer is: Yes, in about 100-200 years when society becomes desperate to change its cultural rules. There are a few but let me describe the one I think reflect on the stupidity of the human race! 99% of the people on earth don’t know the difference between a positive behavior that definitely protects and – racism! Yes, racism! In fact the whole issue of what’s a behavior period is so difficult that even among psychologists most don’t know that thinking is not a behavior and feeling is less a behavior. I could in one lecture secure a commercial airline 100% but unfortunately it won’t happen because you probably have to be crazy from the 25th century to get it, and not because it is rocket science but because your mind can’t accept the truth that you need to learn from scratch how to use English correctly! Is life a stage as Shakespeare said? Is a tree a concept or something else? Is a person a terrorist because of his behavior or because you perceive it that way? Sure, you can easily identify a terrorist by his body language, facial expressions, gestures, etc. but 99% of the passengers who will die in a crash will refuse to identify him before his act. Let’s face it, you are responsible for dying but you are not to be blamed because you don’t live in the 25th century. Those that do are a small minority from the “except one culture” that I mentioned before…go try to figure it out, I’ll give you a small hand,,,does racism really exist or it’s just behavioral differences, stupid?


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